what we do

At Emerging Technologies Associates, Inc., we specialize in leading teams to address the concerns of hospital and VA medical center C-level executives.

We help hospitals and VA medical centers develop strategic solutions to reduce expenses and create building utility and operations plans, consistently exceeding expectations.

Best of all, we’re a national leader for ENERGY STAR Certification initiatives and offer decades of experience in emerging technologies to make an impact that is sustainable.


Working closely with you and your key stakeholders, we organize the team charged with creating an individualized strategy and implementation plan to address your top concerns while meeting current as well as future needs.


We implement customized plans, engaging, exciting and facilitating your team members to ensure that everyone is working together to achieve stated goals.


We monitor utility use and track energy conservation efforts, always working to create the best patient environment while taking advantage of building system automation,advanced lighting controls and other energy management technology.


With an eye toward continuous improvement, we deliver KPI metrics and reporting to quantify the impact of implemented solutions.


1.  Expertise: Our knowledge of ENERGY STAR certification and sustainability in the hospital environment is truly second to none. We’re focused on facilitating teams for hospitals and VA facilities to meet their operating expense reduction and government mandate objectives while optimizing the patient environment to enhance the patient experience.

2.  Growth: We don’t think according to traditional norms. We encourage and allow our clients to break out of the conventional “box” and soar higher, setting more ambitious,achievable growth-oriented goals.

3.  Impact: We focus on your goals to collectively create sustainable, measurable results for profitability and growth.

4.  Belonging: We work with a limited number of clients in order to deliver the highest level of customer service. We recommend doing an interview in advance to determine if we are a “fit” for your organization.

5.  Prosperity: We want to enjoy working together. Although we are extremely disciplined and laser-focused on growth, we know how to balance fun while keeping key stakeholders engaged so everyone thrives.